New in Breeze: Project Progress, Mobile App & More

By Breeze Team on Apr 10

Here's a list of smaller updates we've done to Breeze over the past month. It's all based on your feedback and suggestions. Please send us all your ideas and comments. You can get in contact in the comments section, tweet us @BreezeTeam or send an email to

Project progress

There's a new progress status page for all projects. It has all the same information that you see on the projects list page - task count, status, due dates, tracked and estimated times. It also includes two new pie charts that show you the total number of tasks in each list and the number of tasks by status.

You can find it under the task input box, click on the "Progress" link.


In the new window choose "Progress" from the top left dropdown.

Project progress

You can also see project progress in the archived projects lists. This lets you easily see what was done in older projects without needing to unarchive them.

Project progress archive

Project totals report

Breeze has all the reporting you need and you know exactly what's going on in your projects. There are multiple different reports available .

We updated the project totals report and now it shows a small bar graph for the totals. This gives you an instant overview of all your projects.

Project progress report

Mobile web app

Breeze has mobile apps for iOS and Android that let you manage your projects on the go. Now we also have a mobile web app. You can find it at It has more functionality than our native mobile apps and is also optimized for different types of tablets and phones.

Mobile web app

The mobile web app is still work in progress and is constantly updated.

There's also a ton of smaller updates and fixes that hopefully make Breeze even better. Stay tuned for more updates soon.