New in Breeze: Global time tracking

By Breeze Team on Jun 25

We're always busy at Breeze working on small updates that make your life easier. We've added a batch of new features in the latest Breeze update, which was released to the public last week.

The biggest new feature you might have noticed is the new global time tracker. This lets you start tracking without opening any tasks or projects. It makes it easy to track time and also increases your productivity - no more searching for tasks where to track time.

Global timer

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Starting the global timer

You can find the global time tracker on the top menu bar under the big plus icon. Click on it and choose "Track time" from the dropdown menu.

Global timer window

One big difference from before is that you can start the timer without selecting a task. This lets you quickly track time and later decide where to place it. This also means that time entries without tasks are visible only in the top menu dropdown.

You can select the task where to track time by clicking on the folder icon. Type the name of the task and Breeze will suggest tasks with that name. You can also select a project and then select a task from the list of tasks available in that project.

Global timer task selector

When the timer is running then you can see a red clock icon on the top menu bar. This is to remind you that the timer is still running and you can stop it from there by clicking on it. The dropdown menu that opens is the same that is under the plus icon.

Editing time entries

Click on the time entry to change any of its attributes - comment, date and time, tracked hours, task, and billable option.

Global timer editor

The tracked time input lets you insert minutes or hours.

  • 15 → 15 minutes
  • 15m → 15 minutes
  • 10h → 10 hours
  • 2 → 2 hours
  • 4h → 4 hours
  • 1d → 8 hours

Any value below 10 is by default interpreted as hours. You can also override the suggestion by using "h" or "m" to indicate hours or minutes.

You can change the tracked time under the date. Click on the date and you'll see the time entry in the calendar popover.


Reporting works just like before. There are 3 types of reports for time tracking.

  • Time tracking - a simple list of time entries grouped by project.
  • Time tracking grouped by users - all time entries grouped by user and then by project.
  • Time tracking grouped by tasks - all the time entries grouped by project and then by tasks.
Time tracking reports

If you track time without selecting a task then these entries won't show up in the reporting. You can only see those entries in the global time tracking menu.

Time tracking integrations

Breeze has integrations with the most popular timer tracking apps that let you track time inside Breeze with your favorite tool.

Toggl Track

Use the Toggle browser extension to start the timer inside Breeze tasks and on the project boards.


Enable the integration under your personal settings and then start the timer inside Breeze tasks and project boards.


Login to your TimeCamp account and enable the Breeze add-on. Import the projects and you can start tracking in TimeCamp.


Install the Chrome or Firefox browser extensions and start tracking time inside Breeze.


Connect Breeze with Hubstaff and use their desktop time tracking app to track time.

You can find more integrations on our add-ons page.