Breeze Integration with LambdaTest

By Jason on Sep 23

We are excited to announce that Breeze can now be integrated with Lambda Test. This is big news for our users, because project management apps today need to be able to work with multiple tools so that you can get more work done in less time.

It just doesn’t make sense to switch between three, four, or five different apps just to complete your daily tasks.

Lambda Test is a cloud-based app that allows cross-browser testing. It's essential for any company that develops user interfaces. And with the new integration, you can make sure that all of your development tasks get completed on time and in the right order.

This post goes into some of the benefits you can expect by integrating Breeze with LambdaTest.

What they are saying over at LambdaTest

According to the LambdaTest article, integrating these two applications helps you to collaborate faster as you perform cross-browser testing. They praised Breeze for having "an intuitive platform, offering Gantt charts, kanban tool, task management, and time tracking to help you finish your release cycles on time."

Additionally, Harshit Paul at LambdaTest says that he likes that “you can keep track of deadlines, an individual effort of your colleagues, and acknowledge who is doing what in a project.”

You can see the full LambdaTest post about Breeze integration here.

What we love about LambdaTest

Here are the features that our users who work in development or employee developers will find useful:

  • You can perform automated browser tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable online selenium grid.
  • You can execute scripts that perform automated cross-browser testing across over 2000 browsers.
  • You can perform live interactive testing of public or locally hosted websites and web apps on over 2000 mobile and desktop browsers. 
  • You can auto-generate full-page screenshots of your web pages across multiple devices and browsers.
  • You can check the responsiveness of your website or web app for both android and iOS devices with just one click.
  • You can perform visual regression testing on layouts and identify bugs with a single click.

Additionally, LambdaTest integrates seamlessly with several other applications in your CI/CD pipeline.

Breeze + LambdaTest integration

Here at Breeze, we are all about getting your projects completed as seamlessly, efficiently, and effortlessly as possible. With this integration, all of the details that you cover in your cross-browser testing projects will be auto-populated in your Breeze project. This makes communicating with your team way easier.

Remember that with Breeze, you can organize your projects in whichever way makes most sense to you, and document all of your development progress.

If you’re working on a project that requires CI/CD (and who isn’t these days?), integrating Breeze and LambdaTest makes sense. Keep your eyes on the Breeze blog for potential future integrations that can make your work life easier.

And if you haven’t yet started with Breeze Project Management, click here to start your Free Trial.