More colors and automation for swimlanes

By Rene on Oct 30

Here's a list of recent updates that you might have missed.

More colors

We updated all the colors and added new ones. Now you can choose from 36 different colors. The new colors are available everywhere - tasks, tags, statuses, and calendars.

New colors

The new colors should make it easier to customize Breeze and make it more personal.

Automatic actions for swimlanes

We also updated the recently released automatic actions. Now it also supports swimlanes. You can assign status, color, users, tags and set due dates when a task is moved to a swimlane. If you set list actions and swimlane actions at the same time then the system first applies the list actions and then swimlane actions.

Swimlanes automatic actions

Disable password sign in

If you are using Google to sign in to Breeze then you now have the option to disable signing in with an email and password. This adds an extra layer of security. You can find the option under the personal settings.

Enable SSO