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Breeze helps you organize your team's work, make better decisions and achieve more of your goals.

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Task lists ●

Keep track of everything that needs to get done in one place, and delegate each task to the right person.

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Task boards●

Your tasks are organized in stages. Move them through stages quickly, easily, and beautifully with collaboration tools.

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Task calendars●

Be organized and stay on top of your schedule with a calendar that lets you see all of your tasks in one place.

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Task timeline●

Visualize your work on a timeline so you can see your progress, even when plans change.

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Task lists
Task lists
Task board
Task board
Task calendar
Tasks calendar
Task timeline
Task timeline
Breeze project management software

Why you need to manage tasks?

Task management is an essential skill for teams to get work done. When you have a lot of tasks to work on, it can be hard to decide what to work on first. That's when you need an app that can help you manage your time and schedule so you spend your time working on what matters most.

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Why use task management software?

A perfect task management software can help teams collaborate, track deadlines, prioritize tasks, assign them to the right people to ensure project success, and grant them visibility at every stage of the process.


All your tasks in one place

One tool to manage your team's tasks. See your tasks on a visual board, spreadsheet, timeline, calendar, and more.


Collaboration made easy

Two minds are better than one. Work on tasks together. Assign tasks and to-dos, share files, leave feedback, and more.


Prioritize, track, and analyze tasks

See where your team spends time and effort. Drill down to each task list and see where you can improve. Visualize every step of your workflow.