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Breeze helps your team to organize tasks, plan projects, track time and much more — all the important stuff that increases your productivity.


Are you spending more time managing your tasks than actually getting work done?

Breeze organizes your work visually, letting you see and interact with your entire project, at the same time keeping focus on the most important tasks. You get a simple and effective board to organize your tasks and projects. This makes it easy to visualize every step of your workflow and see what tasks are coming up and helps you to finish work quickly.

Do your clients know what's going on in the projects?

Breeze is a great tool for working directly with clients and getting them involved. It is used daily by developers, project managers, accountants and marketers to share information and collaborate. Mention users to get their attention, have private discussions with your team, estimate task, send reports and more.

How much time is spent on different tasks and projects?

Breeze has powerful and easy to use reports. You can see where your team spends time and effort. Drill down to each project and see where you can improve. You can get reports for project totals, time tracking and tasks - group them by users and projects. This helps you keep your projects on time and budget.

Join thousands of teams who manage their projects with Breeze

Breeze is used by freelancers, small to medium sized companies and large multinationals from every walk of life. Developers, marketers, project managers, accountants, designers organize their work every day with Breeze.

Breeze - a simple task management tool for your team

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