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Getting the best of Breeze and Harvest

Harvest time tracking software

Harvest says its software lets you “track time your way”. And they pretty much do what they say. You can start and stop timers as you are working. You can also just input all the hours worked into a more conventional timesheet, all at once. Essentially, you can work with it the way you want.

Although some Breeze customers really don’t want to go anywhere else for project management, they prefer Harvest for time tracking, because they have been on it a while and everyone in their team knows it. But luckily you don’t have to choose one over the other. We have a simple integration that lets you get the best from each cloud application.

To learn more about Harvest time tracking tool and its alternatives, read: A Comprehensive Review of Harvest

Managing projects with Breeze and Harvest

Old ways of thinking about project management software were usually limited to the core business. So, project management tools were built for verticals that handled projects which produced certain types of customer deliverable outputs.

Today it’s moved on. Companies have different types of projects, both for customers and as internal projects, where there is no customer deliverable.

You might want to build a website or conduct an audit for a customer. As an internal project, you might want to hire a new VP of Sales & Marketing. Different project types need a different approach for managing the steps of the process.

Breeze project management software

Breeze allows you to set up lists for individual tasks, each of which can be customized in many different ways. You can drag a task from list to list as you and your team work on it. You can use Breeze for managing just about anything you can imagine and quite possibly some things you can’t!

Bringing Breeze and Harvest together through integration

1. Go to your profile page in Breeze

In the top right corner, just click on your name, and then on the dropdown menu select Personal settings & password.

2. Enable Harvest

On the Personal settings & password page click on the "Integrations" tab, scroll right to the bottom, and click the button marked Enable Harvest time tracking.

Enable time Harvest integration

3. You’re now good to go with Harvest time tracking!

Manage all types of projects with Breeze

Developing software or products ●

Software projects like web development or designing new products might mean there are hundreds of tasks for dozens of people to be getting on with. Executing the project is a continual cycle. Typical lists on such a project board might include Ideas, Todo, Doing, QA, Done.


Setting out a roadmap●

Another internal project might be something like a roadmap where you need to include near, mid and long-term business goals. At a level above the granular project view, there is a need for a high-level roadmap to track the goals you set. If it was a cloud app, typical lists on the board might include Web, Backend, Mobile, API.

Product roadmaps

Quality hiring●

Search and selection of the right talent is vital. Set goals on hiring people of the right caliber with the right skill sets is really suited to a funnel approach that shows where each applicant is in the process. Lists here might include New, Interview, Homework, Final interview, Offer made, Hired.

Recruitment funnel
Developing software or products
Setting out a roadmap
Product roadmaps
Quality hiring
Recruitment funnel