Time tracking integration with Toggl

Track your daily work with Toggl and Breeze - real time tracking, powerful time tracking reports and much more makes this the ultimate productivity combination.

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1) Add the Chrome extension

To bring you the best of both apps, Breeze and Toggl, we use a browser extension. It's available from the Chrome store and it's free, no extra charge. Add it to your browser and you're done.

2) Log in to Toggl

Click on the new Toggl button on your browser. Now you are ready to start tracking your time from Breeze directly to Toggl. All your time tracking data with reports will be synced in real time and stored on your Toggl account.

3) Start the timer in Breeze

Breeze task name will be added to the time entry along with the tracked hours, minutes and seconds. You can start the timer from the project board or task window. The tracked time is also saved back to Breeze! You can see it right there or use the powerful reporting in Toggl.

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