Breeze church management software

Breeze helps to organize and manage volunteers, planning and tracking the things that really matter in your church.

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Breeze is easy to learn and simple to use

Breeze was developed with easy-to-use features that are intuitive and quick to learn. Within the first few minutes of using the dashboard, newcomers will feel comfortable and business users will be able to quickly update and add tasks and resources.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

It’s easy to keep your church organized.

Breeze helps you focus on your ministry, not your technology

Breeze gives you one place to put all your church information. Powerful, yet easy-to-use tool. Look up contact info on the fly. See assignments for anyone on staff. See who’s available on any given day. Track time. And so much more!.

Project board list view

Breeze provides valuable insight into your church.

Breeze keeps your church more organized. So everyone can focus on more important tasks at hand—moving you closer to your goals. You can see what you’re doing well in the administration of your church and how you can improve with detailed reports and analytics.

Project board with tasks and task lists.

No more time consuming tasks

Breeze simplifies your church’s communication and planning processes, saving you hours of time each month. No more missed communication or forgotten tasks!

Team workload

Your church is more productive with Breeze

Keep growing and reaching your community and don’t worry about the technology, just focus on your ministry and we’ll do the work.

● Manage tasks

Know exactly what tasks need to complete by who and by when.

● Projects

A clear view of all your projects and every task.

● Community

All your communication is always in the right place. Leave feedback and have real-time chats.

● Calendars

Create and manage events. Never miss a deadline — check your whole schedule in one glance.

● Automate workflow

Automate routine tasks and reduce repetitive manual tasks.

● Feedback

Track your progress. See what tasks you've completed and how well you actually did.

Trusted and proven

Breeze is everything our team was looking for — an incredibly deep and powerful project management tool that an average user can understand and use immediately.

It’s absolutely essential to our workflow, and the support and constant improvements are unmatched!