Time tracking in Breeze with TimeCamp - gain more productivity insights (good stuff!)

By Lucas on Aug 28
TimeCamp & Breeze

What’s better than a piece of valuable software that makes your work life easier? An additional tool to take you to the next level! Here at TimeCamp, we’re really keen on making sure that our time-tracking app is capable of integrating with all of the most popular and most demanded apps. And yes, Breeze is definitely one of them!

So, what’s the thing with TimeCamp being integrated with Breeze?

Well, as a start, besides already harnessing the power of an all-in-one project management powerhouse with Breeze you can further enhance your productivity by being able to precisely track time spent any of your projects and tasks created in Breeze.

Okay, and what’s the value of that?

Imagine that you no more have to manually assign the amount of time needed to complete a certain task or a whole project. If you’re doing work for a client that is billed hourly, then I’m sure you’ve gone through the hell of trying to figure out how many actual billable hours were spent by your team working for that client. Additionally, even if you’re managing an internal project, then having a clear understanding of where time was spent will give you a better overview of the project's performance is probably one of your main concerns. Having precise performance data is never too much of a luxury.

How does it apply in the real world?

Let’s say you run a thriving software development company and you use Breeze as your go-to tool for efficient project management. One thing is to make sure that each sprint is finished with the right features developed, but what about making sure that your team delivers on time compared to the initial estimates? Moreover, how do you go about measuring the overall margin of the project? Do you usually go through the paperwork after the deployment and try to figure out what was the actual profit margin of that project? By integrating with TimeCamp, you can feed all of the project boards and tasks from Breeze into TimeCamp and start tracking billable hours on the go. Even better, you can also assign different hourly rates to different team members (which in some companies is quite the challenge for precise margin calculations). Usually, time tracking or time reporting in software companies is limited to the project manager politely asking the engineers to fill out timesheets in a weekly or even monthly interval.

What if would tell you that you can skip the nannying, have the timesheets and reports generate automatically and focus your efforts on more crucial tasks? Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try and find out for yourself!

Time Tracking in Breeze - so how do I make this work?

TimeCamp & Breeze integration

All you need to do is to sign up for your TimeCamp account (you can start with our free, one-seat plan) and go through just a couple of simple steps to connect your Breeze project board to TimeCamp and start precisely tracking all of your projects and tasks. It’s a really straightforward process, but in case you’d face any issues, our eager team of support heroes is ready to help at any time!

Let us know in the comments if you’re as excited as we to join forces! Are you looking forward to giving Breeze & TimeCamp a try?