Product updates: direct links to tasks in calendar, Google Drive team drives, Breeze in MS Teams tab, and more

By Rene on May 6

Here's a small list of recent updates and changes that you might have missed. These are all done based on your feedback and requests. Please let us know if you have any ideas or if there's something you would like to change in Breeze.

Task links in the calendar

We updated the calendar page and now you can see a direct link to the task on the project board inside the task window. This was something that got lost when we updated the calendar task window.
You can now also see the task link on your browser location bar when you open the task window. This lets you share the URLs and your teammates can open the task.

Link to tasks in the calendar

Google Drive team drives

Until now you could only add files to Breeze tasks and comments from your personal Google Drive. Now we added support for Google Drive team drives. You'll see an extra tab in the Google Picker window when you are adding files to Breeze.

Google Team Drive

Team Drives is only available with the G Suite Enterprise, Business, or Education editions. If you don't see Team Drives in Google Drive, it might not be available for your organization. Learn more about Team Drives

Filter search by date

We added a new filter to the search page and now you can filter your searches by the last updated fields. Every task, comment, to-do, files, time entry has a last updated field that's updated whenever you change anything about it. The new search filter lets you narrow down results if they have similar names or text. Example, if you are looking for a task with the name "New task" from last year, but you have a lot of tasks with the name "New task", then you can fill the date filter to get exactly what you need.

Search filter by date

Report permissions

We updated the "estimates" permission so that if this permission is not enabled then the user can still see the time tracking reports. They can only see the "Time tracking by users" report because this does not have any information about task estimates.

Task template user

When you are starting a new project from a template or copying a task then we are updating the task creator to the current user. This prevents the situations when a template was created by a user who doesn't exist in Breeze any more.

Hide task without due dates on master board

You can now hide tasks without due date on the master board. The option is available under the 3-dot menu and is a per-user option.

Hide tasks without due date

Project templates and statuses

Project template statuses are now carried over to projects. If you create a project template and assign some project statuses to it then new projects created from the template also get the project statuses.

Breeze in Microsoft Teams

You can use Breeze in Microsoft Teams and have all your tasks in one place. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that lets you have conversations, meetings, share files, collaborate and integrate applications. You can learn more about it from Microsoft Teams home page.

To add Breeze to a tab in Microsoft Teams open it and select the channel you want to add a tab to. Then click the “plus” button on the top ribbon of teams to create the tab.

Microsoft Teams

Select the website option from the Add a tab menu.

Microsoft Teams

Enter the name of the tab in the Name Box and then enter the Breeze project URL in the Address Box.

Microsoft Teams

Click "Save" and you're done. You can as many projects as you want.

This concludes this batch of updates. Stay tuned for more.