New in Breeze: Task window design updates

By Breeze Team on Oct 22

Here's a small update about the changes we've done to Breeze over the past month. Please let us know if you have any ideas or requests on how to improve Breeze. You can get in contact in the comments section, tweet us @BreezeTeam or send an email to

What's new?

The main change that you notice is the updated design for the task window. All the functionality remained the same but we made some tweaks to make it more usable.

The side menu now has buttons with icons and it also sticks when you scroll the window up and down. This makes it easy to change any of the task parameters.

All the action links inside the window also are now buttons. This makes them stand out and easier to use.

Task window

The task activity is moved under the task main body and you can open it by clicking on the "activity" icon.

Task activity

In the comments section, we moved the action links under a new action menu. The edit, delete and hide actions are under the new menu. You can still edit comments by directly clicking on the comment.

Task comment

When you're adding a new comment and need to hide a comment from a client then there is a new button in the toolbar that lets you do it.

Hide comment