New in Breeze: better activity log and exact searches

By Breeze Team on Sep 10

Here's another list of updates that we've released over the past weeks. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feature requests. You can either add them to the comments section, tweet us @BreezeTeam or just send an email to

See what was updated - a better activity log

You can see what was changed or updated under every project, task, and in the activity page. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the updates when a long comment or a task description was changed. The update can be small, but important. To make it easier to notice we added color-coded changes to the activity log.

Now you can instantly see what was added with a green color and what was removed with a red color.

Activity log

The changes are also visible the same way in the email notifications.

Find what you're looking for - exact search matches

Breeze has full text search. This means that when you search for something then we try to find all results that are similar to your search term. It can include misspelled words, singulars, plurals, etc.

Sometimes you might want to find the exact search term and nothing else. Now it's possible by using quotes around your searches. Example:

"My project"
Exact search

This will return only the results with the exact word or words.