Better and more accurate time tracking

By Breeze Team on Dec 27

Whenever you're running any project then tracking your progress is important. It lets you see what was done, how much time something took and how to improve in the future.

Breeze has everything that you need to track time and progress. You can start a timer to automatically track your work or manually enter tracked time later. Once all the work is tracked you can easily see what was done in the time tracking reports.

What's new?

Sometimes you might need to be even more accurate and include the exact hours when you track time. Now it's possible with Breeze and you can enter the start time and end time for each time entry.

How does it work?

Everything works just like before, but you'll see two extra fields for the start and end time. You don't need to enable it and it's available to everybody, but you can still track time without entering the start and end time.

Here's how the new feature works:

  • Timer - When you are using the timer to track time then the start and end time is automatically added when you stop the timer. It's the rasiest way to track and doesn't need any extra effort. Time tracking hours
  • Manual time entry - When you manually enter a start time and end time then the hours are calculated automatically.
  • Manual hours entry - When you only add a start time or end time and the hours then the missing start or end is automatically calculated

You can see the start and end time when you are hovering over the time entry. That way the time tracking section is neat and doesn't get cluttered.

Time tracking times

Time tracking reports now also include the new time fields.

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