Start your timers. Major updates to time tracking!

By Breeze Team on Sep 19

We just released a new version with major updates to time tracking. Breeze now supports automatic timer and also allows you to plan and budget time.

I will walk you through the new features.

You can enter time and budget time on every task under the "Track time" link.

Time input

The input boxes are actually clever and can guess the format. For example

  • Enter "10", and it logs 10 minutes
  • Enter "1", and it logs 1 hour
  • Enter "1 day", and it logs 8 hours
  • Enter "1:15", and it logs 1 hour and 15 minutes

You can always override quick assumptions by using "h" or "m" to indicate hours or minutes.

After you have entered the time you can see it immediately on the task and also on the board.

Time card

Automatic timer

Totaly new feature is an timer that you can start which will the track your time.


Starting time is saved on the server so you can close the browser window or do other work on the same time.


Total tracked and planned time is visible on the project page.

All the data is visible from reports and also in the CSV export.

That's about covers the new functionality - start tracking so you can start billing your clients.