Integration with Bitbucket

By Breeze Team on Oct 15
We are happy to announce another integration with Breeze. Since we released Github integration a while back we have got a lot of requests for Bitbucket integrations. We listened your feedback and implemented it.

Bitbucket vs GitHub

Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service, created by Atlassian, for projects that use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems. Bitbucket offers both commercial plans and free accounts. It offers free accounts (with 5 users) with an unlimited number of private repositories. Both GitHub and Bitbucket offer great Git services, but each has its own features and pricing plans. The two services have different billing structures - GitHub charges per private repo, Bitbucket charges per private collaborator. To choose between the two, you might look at obvious features such as the number of active users and collaborators, but you should also consider other features.

Integration with Breeze

Enabling the integration is very easy. Head over to your project and open the projects settings window. Scroll to the "Bitbucket" section and copy the URL behind "Webhook POST URL".
You have to configure a POST hook in Bitbucket to allow Breeze receive commit messages. Setting up the POST hook in Bitbucket:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Go to the repository's settings.
  • Click Hooks in the left-hand navigation. The Hooks page appears.
  • Select the POST hook from the Hook dropdown.
  • Click Add hook. A new section appears for the POST hook.
  • Enter the URL where Bitbucket should send its update messages.
  • Press Save.
Now the hook is created and Breeze is ready to receive commit messages.

Breeze lets you to manipulate the status of tasks within your projects directly from your repository commit messages. This works exactly like in the GitHub integration. Breeze parses the commit messages and closes, moves or tracks time on tasks. Every commit will also add a comment to the task with the commit message.

The commands that can be used in your commit messages are as follows:
  • Reference task - #task_id, will reference the tasks and add a comment to it.
  • Mark as done - fix,fixes,fixed,close,closed,closes,done will change the status of the specified task to "done".
  • Move task to list - m:ListName will move the task to the specified list. The list name is case insensitive, if you have spaces in the name use camel case (ListName) .
  • Track time - t:1:30 will create a time entry with a given number of hours for the specified task You can use multiple formats for the time string - 1h, 1h30m, 1:30, 30m.
  • Mention users - @username will create mention notification for the user.

Here are some examples of how to use the commands:

git commit -am '#3672, #3673 and #8623 and closes #5126' 
git commit -am 'log time , #4326 t:1:30' 
git commit -am 'move to done, #4326 m:done'

If your Bitbucket email address matches your Breeze email address then the comments will be associated with you or the user who made the commit.