Part 2: Assign users and due dates to todos

By Breeze Team on Aug 10

For the couple of last weeks we have been gathering feedback and adding more functionality to todos. We want you to have the most simple and elegant experience as possible when managing your tasks. Now you can see your todos on the tasks page and in the calendar. You'll also get email notifications about todo due dates and assignments.

Todos are visible on the tasks page

Now you can see all your todos on the tasks page. You can also update, delete and complete the todos.

Todos on the tasks page

The sorting and filtering options also work on the todos.

Todos in the calendar

Now you can change your todos right in the calendar, you don't have to open the task to do that. The todos behave just like tasks, you can drag and drop them to change dates. The todos are at the bottom of the tasks block, this helps to separate them from tasks.

Todos in the calendar

The task filters also apply to the todos - you can focus on one project or filter based on users and status.

Email notifications

We also updated the email notifications to include todos. When a todo is assigned to you or the due date is coming up, then you'll get an email about it. The emails are controlled by the same tasks notification settings, you don't have to enable them separately.