Daily agenda for tasks and people

By Breeze Team on Jul 23

We made some updates and added a new view to the calendar. It's an agenda view that shows all your tasks for the day. This makes it very easy to see whats coming up and what needs to be done. When you switch over to the people view then this new option is also available. Now you can see what everybody is doing on that day.

Due date with time

Adding and editing tasks works like before. Just select or click on the event in the calendar and edit the details.

Time support for task due dates

This update also makes it possible to set time for task due and start dates. You can do it from the task window, in the project board, and from the calendar.

Due date with time

The time input is super easy to use. Use the following format to input time:

  • 7pm
  • 7am
  • 7 -> 7am
  • 19 -> 7pm
  • 7:30 -> 7:30am
  • 7:30pm

There is also a small change in the way we show the dates. When you set the time, then it will also take into account your time zone . For example, the time 11pm in your time zone, might be 1am the next day for some of your teammates.