Time tracking updates

By Breeze Team on May 21

We are happy to release an update to the time tracking part of Breeze. We have had a lot of feedback regarding the time tracking functionality and how to make it better. This update makes it easier for you to track your time, start and stop timers and instantly see where you are spending time.

Timer at the top menu

To help you easily manage your running timers and prevent you from forgetting to stop timers we added a new link to the top menu. Click on it to see all your running timers. The link is visible only when you have running timers and will be removed when you have stopped all the timers.

Time tracking on main menu

You can stop the timers right from the little popup menu.

Start timer inside the task

Another addition is the ability start and stop timers inside the task view. Before you had to open and close the task window to start or to stop the timer. This should make your time tracking easier and more convenient.

Time tracking on tasks

Click on the "Start timer" link to start the timer.

Start the timer on the tasks page

A lot of our users are using the "Tasks" page as personal todo list or agenda manager. This is an ideal place for you to manage and organize your daily work and track time. Before you had to go to the project board to start timers, now you can do it instantly from the same place.

Time tracking on dashboard

The timer works just like the timer on the project boards, click on the play button to start tracking time and on the stop button to stop it.