New reporting options and charts

By Breeze Team on Apr 21

This update focuses on the reporting part of Breeze. We have listened to your feedback and made the reporting more concise.

Report types

We made some changes to the way you choose report types. Now you can select them from a drop down menu before you run the report.

Report types - task, time tracking and user

There are 4 types of reports:

  • Time tracking - it shows all the time entries grouped by project in a simple list.
  • Time tracking grouped by users - it shows all the time entries grouped by user and then by project.
  • Time tracking grouped by tasks - it shows all the time entries grouped by project and then by tasks.
  • Tasks - this is a little but different report type, it shows the tasks that were updated in the selected period. A task gets updated when you add, update or delete something from it - adding comments, assigning, logging work, tagging etc.

Chart for time tracking

The second part of this update is a nice chart that gives you a good overview of your work. It's a bar chart that show all the time tracking entries on the selected period.

Report bar chart for time tracking

It's a really good way to see where your time and effort goes.