Hide budget, task due dates colors, see all users task and search for projects

By Rene on Mar 25

This update has some small but important new features and tweaks that have been most requested by our users.

Updated the user interface

As you may have noticed we made some little tweaks and updates to the user interface. Now it's more streamlined and quicker. Removing some of the box shadows speeds up rendering large boards.

Hide budget from clients

There is a new option under projects settings that allows you to hide budget from "client" users. When it is enabled then they can't see the budget on the projects page and in the reports.

Hide project budget from client

You can enable the option under the projects settings page.

Task due dates are colored

Task due dates now have colored background when they are overdue or about to become due. Task that are due today and were due the day before are colored red, tasks that are due the next day are colored yellow and tasks that were due more than two days ago are colored grey.

Task duedate color

The reason for marking long overdue tasks gray is to keep the current tasks due dates visible.

See all the users in the "Tasks" view

There is a new option on the "Tasks" page drop down menu, "All users". It allows you to see all the tasks that are overdue by everyone from all the projects.

Filter tasks by user

It's like a mini report that gives you a quick overview what your teammates are doing and what tasks are about to become due.

Search for projects

The search results now also contain project names and description.

Calendar is now wider

We made the "calendar" view wider and it changes size according to your browser window width. This is especially helpful when you are using the resource view, you can see more tasks and have a better overview.

These are small updates that have been most requested by our users. Thanks for the feedback and all the great ideas.