Daily and hourly recap emails

By Rene on Mar 11

Breeze has a very efficient notifications system, you can see instantly when something changes or needs your attention. This however can sometimes get very overwhelming, especially when there is a lot of activity. To help you in that situation and to give you a better overview we are happy to introduce daily and hourly recap emails.

Recap of the most important activities

The new recap emails are a little bit different than the current notification emails. At the moment when something changes you get one email per task that has all the updates for the last 10 minutes. The new recap emails will contain all the updates across your projects in one email, it has the most important changes from every project and task.

How to enable them?

Head over to your settings page and you will find two new options. Breeze daily and hourly recap email settings

We hope that you enjoy the new email notifications and if you have any feedback regarding the email format don't hesitate to contact us.