Share your projects with clients

By Breeze Team on Jan 15

Breeze is a great tool for working directly with clients and getting them involved. It is used daily by developers, project managers, accountants and marketers to share information and content.

When you work on your projects with clients you always have some internal discussions that you may not want your clients to see. You need to manage those tasks somehow.

Today we're happy to introduce a new feature that allows you to control the content that clients can see. Now you can hide task lists and comments from your clients.

Inviting clients

You can add users and clients just like before, there are no changes. We updated the old 'observer' role to 'client' role to make it more clear what it means. Set user permissions By default all new people are assigned the user role, you can later change the permissions.

Hiding task lists

To hide task list from clients click on the name of the list and mark the checkbox. Don't show task lists to client You can move tasks in and out of the hidden list. For example, you can create a private backlog of tasks that are not visible to the clients, when you are ready to add them to the general backlog then you can move them out.

Hiding comments

Don't show comments to client To hide a comment from clients edit it and mark the box. You can share tasks with clients and have private discussions with your teammates. You can always make the comments visible to the client by marking the checkbox.

Hidden task and comments are not shown on the clients activity stream and they don't receive email notifications for them.

You can invite as many client users as you need, there are no limitations or restrictions.

We hope that this new feature allows even more of your clients to use Breeze.