Fully featured time tracking

By Breeze Team on Dec 11

Up until now you only could add one time entry under every tasks. This was not ideal for everybody and we had a lot of feedback regarding this. Work doesn't happen linearly and you always need to add time later.

Today, we're happy to announce a major upgrade to the time tracking functionality. You can add as many time entries as you need and set a date to them. Breeze now has fully features time tracking with reporting.

Tracking time

You can estimate and track work on every task just like before. Breeze has two options for tracking time, you can either manually log work or start a timer.

Updates to time tracking - you can add multiple time entries to tasks, choose date when work was done and optionally add a comment or description to the entry.

Time tracking entries and log - Breeze time tracking

You can only change your own time entries.

Using the timer

Breeze also has a built-in timer that your can use to track your work. Just click on the play button to start tracking. You can close your browser and come back later, your time is saved on the server and you never loose a minute of your work. The only small change here is that every time you start and stop the timer a new time entry is created.

Start the timer - Breeze time tracking

Reporting, see what was done and when

With this new feature we also updated the reports and made a special report for time tracking. By default the reports work on the task last updated field, this means that whenever you update a task, add a comment, log work, estimate, assign etc. The new time tracking report works on time tracking entries date, this is the date that you can assign to the entry.

Reporting and analytics

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas that helped us deliver this new feature !