All your tasks in one place, the new tasks page

By Breeze Team on Oct 10

Breeze is a great project management tool because it shows you what's being worked on, who's working on what, where things are in a workflow and how much time it took. Nevertheless sometimes you can get overwhelmed with lots of tasks and projects. You need a way to see all your tasks across all the projects.

To help you with that we added a feature to Breeze that does exactly that. Just go to the new "Tasks" page and you can see only the tasks that are assigned to you across all the projects. The tasks are by default sorted by due date but you can also sort by project, just click on the sorting link.

Personal tasks page - sort by due date and project

The "Tasks" page show all the tasks that are assigned to you or where you are one of the assignee. There are four lists:

  • Tasks due today - all the tasks that have due date today.
  • Tasks due in the future - tasks with due date in the future.
  • Overdue tasks - tasks that have due date in the past .
  • Tasks without a due date - tasks that have no due date set.
Task "start date" is not used in the "Tasks" page.

To make your life even easier you can also see your teammates tasks from the same place. Click on the filtering drop down on the left side and choose a person. Don't worry about your private projects and tasks because you can only see the tasks from the projects that you are invited to.

Breeze project boards are a great tool to give you an insight to your work and we hope that this new feature gives you an even better overview of your tasks and projects.

Thanks for all the user who gave us feedback and ideas when developing this feature.