Create tasks and add comments via email

By Breeze Team on Jul 22

Today we are announcing two new features, creating tasks and adding comments via email. These are also one of the most requested features. Before we tried to use some third party services like Zapier, this didn't work out very well and the best solutions was to add this feature to Breeze.

Create tasks via email

To create a new task to a project you just have to send an email to your Breeze inbox address. Every user on Breeze has a unique email address for every project, this is to identify the users and projects. The email address is unique to you so please don't share it, otherwise people can add tasks to the project board.

You can find the inbox email address under the projects settings. Open a project → Click on the cog to the left of the screen → Click on the "Project settings" link.

Task email inbox

The subject of the email becomes the task name, body the task description and attachments will be linked to the task.

Add comments to tasks via email

Reply to the questions sent to you by your team members without having to login. Clients love this one. You don't have to log in to Breeze. Every reply will go to the right project, under the right user. You can even send attachments.

Reply to email, create comment

To add a comment, reply to the notification email and write your answer above the line "Reply above this line to post a comment".