Breeze mobile

By Rene on May 4
We are glad to announce our first mobile version of Breeze.
The goal of the mobile version is to get you a quick overview what's happening in your projects.
You can:
  • Access all your projects
  • Read and leave comments
  • Review and complete todos
  • Assign tasks to people
  • Log time and estimate work
  • Tag tasks
  • Set due dates
Breeze mobile has all the things you need when you're on the go.
Breeze works directly on your web browse - no apps required. Whether you are using a phone or tablet, 3 inch or 10 inch device, it doesn't matter. Just sign in to your Breeze account with the web browser on a popular mobile phone or tablet running iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 and you will be taken to Breeze mobile.

You can also see the mobile site in action from your computer by going directly to the mobile site.