Breeze archives all your stuff

By Breeze Team on Mar 29
Until now you could only archive projects but that is about to change. We just released an updated that allows you to also archive cards.

By default all cards are now archived instead of deleted, we also changed the link in the card modal window. If you archive a card it will keep all the stuff that is related to it (comments, dates, people etc ). Archived cards are visible at the bottom of each board, just click the "Archived cards" link. You can always bring archive cards back to the board by opening them and clicking the "bring it back" link.

If you want to permanently delete a card then click the trash icon in front of it in the archived cards list.

Reports and activiy stream
Archived cards can now be directly opened from reports and activity stream, before you could only see the card name. Active cards are bluish color and archived cards blackish color so you can easily distinguish them.

Now you can see your archived tasks in the calendar. This is useful if you want to complete tasks and remove them from the board but still see the due dates in the calendar. Archived tasks are striped in color. If you want to remove tasks from the calendar also, then you have to permanently delete it, just click the trash icon again.

Let us know what you think and if something is unclear.