All your project updates in one place

By Breeze Team on Mar 19

We just released a new feature for Breeze - activity stream.

The activity stream shows you everything that happens in your projects. It is loosely based on Facebook activity stream but we believe it is better. All the updates are in one column which makes getting an overview simple, you can just glance at the page and see what is happening. The activity types are the same that you are used to from the email notifications.

You can click on the user, project and task name and you will be taken right to it.

As you can see not all activity is logged in the stream. This is by design to keep the noise down and only show the important updates. Currently the following activity types are logged in the stream:

  • Adding/deleting task
  • Changing task name
  • Adding/changing task description
  • Moving tasks between lists
  • Logging and estimating time
  • Assigning task to users
  • Adding and completing todos
  • Adding attachments to tasks

By default the time format is 12 hour clock but you can change it to 24 hour clock by ticking the box in your profile page.

That's about it, let us know if you need more action type in the activity stream.