Sorting tasks, team workload, project templates and more

By Rene on Sep 6

Here's a small list of the bigger updates and changes we made over the last month.

Sorting tasks

We added more sorting options to task lists. At the moment you could only sort by due date. Now you can sort by due date, creation date, status and task name. You can find the sorting option under the task list settings menu.

Task list sorting

Team workload overview

We added a new time scale to the team workload calendar view. Now you can zoom out and get the big picture of your team workload using the 3-month view. It gives you a better overview. The new option is under the time scale dropdown.

Team workload timeline

Project templates

Now you can mark projects as templates. This means that those projects won't show up in any of the other pages or dropdowns. This is a good way to make the project lists shorter and easier to comprehend. The option to mark as a template is under the project settings dropdown.

Mark project as a template

You can still use any project as a template when starting a new project.

Repeating tasks due dates

Repeating tasks due dates are now updated. This means that when the recurring task is created we updated the due date and start date to match the new date.

If you currently have repeating tasks and would like due dates to update then you need to reset the due date on the original repeating task. Set it to the current week or the same way as if you would have when you created the repeating task. We are calculating the new due date from the original repeating tasks and it needs to be on the same timescale.