Projects sorting and design updates

By Rene on Jun 4

For the last month, we've been working hard to get updates out as quick as possible. As you have noticed we have updated and tweak the user interface design.

You might ask why are we updating the design. It has worked great so far but as we are growing we find that we need to update some aspects of it. In some parts, it is limiting the kind of features we can offer. Our goal is to make Breeze easy to use and the interface should be familiar - you should be working on your projects and not learning a new user interface.

We are applying all the feedback we have got and experience gained running Breeze for the last years. The goal is to bring more harmony to the design and pave the way to further enhancement.

Projects page

The project sorting options are now under the three-dot menu. This makes it easier to understand what each sorting option means.

Project  list

There's also a new sorting option - Show projects as list. This shows you all your projects as a list and if you "pin" a project then it's shown as a list item in the top. The difference between the default option "Show projects as list and pinned cards" is that the default shows pinned projects as cards.

We also moved the workspace "Add" link from the bottom of the page to the project page settings menu.

Team page

There is a new streamlined look for adding new users to your team. One important new feature to note is that you can select project groups by clicking on the group name. This selects all the projects in the group.

Invite  new users

Task window

We updated to-dos, time entries and comments action buttons. The progress is shown inside the buttons which make it more visible.

Task lists settings

Task list settings dropdown is moved from the right side to the left. Now it's under the three-dot menu.

The task list action submenus open in a new dialog, instead of inside the existing dropdown.

Task  list settings

Adding swimlanes

We moved the swimlanes "Add" link from the bottom of the project board to the project settings menu. Now it's easier to find.

Swimlane  settings

More to come...

These are some of the biggest changes. We'll be gradually updating other parts of Breeze also. But don't worry, Breeze will remain easy to use and simple. Our goal is to make software that doesn't get in your way.