Small features and changes - hide weekends, user roles

By Rene on Feb 15

Here's a short list of small changes and updates that we have done to Breeze recently. Some of it you may have noticed and some of it might be completely new.

Hide weekends in calendar

You can now hide weekends in all calendars. The option is under the calendar settings.

Hide weekends in calendar

Hiding weekends will give you a better overview of your schedule. It's per user configuration option and by default, we'll still show the weekends.

User role selection

We added an option to assign user roles when inviting new people to your team. It lets you choose either a user, client or admin role. You can find the drop down under the input boxes.

Select user role

By default, all users are still added with the user role. You can always change the role later by opening the user settings page.

Invitation link

Another small but handy feature we added is the user invitation link. When you are inviting new users then they can sometimes miss the invitation emails or they don't have access to email. Now you can just send them the invitation link in a chat or anywhere else. You can find the link under the user settings page.

User invitation link

Don't share the link with anybody else because it's a special link that adds the user to your team.

Speed improvements

Our backend and frontend systems have been updated and we can see smaller response times. We recently doubled our database servers capacity which makes a huge difference. On the frontend side, Safari users should see Breeze snappier.

We are constantly updating Breeze by either fixing bugs or adding small improvements. As always, we like to hear your feedback and ideas for new features.

Stay tuned for bigger new features soon.