Quick task add and design updates

By Rene on Jan 15

We start off the new year with small design updates and a new way to quickly add tasks. This will make your life much simpler and hopefully increase your productivity.

To make quick task add possible we had to update the navigation bar. Here's how it looks now

Navigation bar

The navigation bar is divided into to three sections:

1. The main navigation - it has the links to all the pages like tasks, projects, calendars, reports and activity. It works just like before.
2. Quick actions - here you'll find links to search, notifications, quick task add and help.
3. Preferences & settings - the last section under your avatar has all the personal preferences and admin settings.

You'll also notice that the navigation bar is now sticky at the top. This makes it easier and quicker to navigate and use the quick actions.

Quick task add

It now takes less than 10 seconds to add a new task. You don't have to navigate to a project to add new tasks - just click the big plus button on the top navigation bar.

Quick task add box

From the drop down you can add new tasks, assign them to projects, list and also set due dates and assign to users. At the bottom of the box are recently added tasks. You can click on them and you'll be taken to the project where you can add any extra details.

You might also like our Chrome plugin for quick task creation. It adds a small button to Chrome action bar that lets you create tasks from anywhere, you don't even have to have Breeze open. You can install it from the Chrome Web store.

Hope you like the new design and please let us know your feedback.