A better way to manage to-dos

By Breeze Team on Dec 18

We are happy to announce another small but valuable update to Breeze before the end of the year. Now you can assign to-dos to multiple people.

Assigning to-dos works just like before. Add a todo or open an existing one and click on the "Assign" link. You'll see the small popover with options to assign users and set due dates.

Click on the "select user" button to select multiple users. Your user is always listed first so that you can quickly assign to-dos to yourself. To assign the to-do to other people just select them from the list or use the search box.

Assign to-do

You'll also notice that the to-do popover doesn't automatically close anymore. This makes it easier to assign due dates and users at the same time.

Assigning to-dos to several people gives you more control over your workflow. It's also a way to divide responsibility but you have to be careful with it.

When nobody knows who’s doing what and when someone doesn’t feel responsible for the to-do then it may not get done at all.

You always have to make clear who is ultimately responsible for the to-do. Otherwise, the work may not get done. If the to-do gets long or there's some ambiguity then it's better to add another to-do to keep it simple and show exactly who is responsible for it.

This will wrap up this year but we have a lot of new features and updates planned for next year. Happy Holidays and New Year.