Better mobile project tracking - updates to mobile app

By Rene on Oct 17

We have updated Breeze mobile apps and added some long waited and much requested features. Now you can log in and sign up with your Google account, mention users, see notifications and more.

The goal of the mobile app is to give you the necessary tools to manage your projects while on the go. Just enough features to get the job done but without unnecessary bloat.

The updated apps are already released and available in the app stores. Get it from app store for your iOS devices and get it from Google Play for Android devices.

Log in with Google

You can now log in to Breeze mobile apps using your Google account. It works just like in the web app and you can even log in if you signed up with an email address and it matches your Google account.

If you haven't signed up or need to sign up with a new account then it's also possible to sign up with your Google account.

Mobile app log in with Google account

Using your Google account to log in makes it easier to use Breeze because you don't have to remember another password and worry about the security.

Mention users

Another feature we added to the mobile apps is the mention functionality you are familiar with in the web app.

To get the attention of another team member just type @ and you'll see a dropdown where you can choose the user. The mentions work in comments and task description fields.

Mentions users in comments

Updated notifications

The activities tab was also updated and now includes notifications with user mentions. This means that you can now see all your mentions on the mobile.

Mobile notifications and mentions

Assign dates and users to to-dos

You can now assign dates and users to to-dos. You can find the options by swiping left on the to-do name.

Assign dates and users to todos

Let us know what you think and if you have any feature request for the mobile apps.