Better project management with colors

By Rene on Sep 8

We are happy to announce another set of updates to Breeze. This time the focus has been on adding more color to Breeze. Have you ever wanted to customize your project backgrounds? Now it's possible.

Project board colors

This has been one of the most requested features for Breeze. Now it's implemented and you can set custom background colors to project boards.

Project board blue Project board green

You can find the color options under the project settings - it has a number of solid colors to choose from and also three gradients. The background color will be visible to all the project users.

Project settings color

Setting a custom color to project makes it easy to quickly distinguish projects. It also adds another option to personalize your experience with Breeze.

Project list colors

Another place to add colors is on the projects page. You can choose a color and it'll show up on the project card and in the list.

Project colors

The colors are yet another way to group your projects or mark important projects with distinguishing color. Project page colors and project board colors are not related, they are different and you can assign different colors.

As always we appreciate your feedback and input on new features. Keep posted on new features soon.