Google Drive and Dropbox integration

By Rene on Jan 5

I'm happy to announce new integrations to Breeze. This time the focus is on attachments - from now on you can use Google Drive and Dropbox to directly attach files to any task.

To attach files to your tasks just click the "Edit" link on the task popup and then the "Attach file ..." link. A new menu will slide to the right showing the new options, Google Drive, Dropbox and Computer.

Just select one of the options and choose your files.

There are some differences and limitations for the new options:

Google Drive
  • You can select multiple files and attach them all at once
  • You can upload new files directly to Google Drive and then attach them to tasks

  • You can only attach one file at a time
  • There is no upload functionality

If you don't wan't to use Google Drive or Dropbox then there is always an option to directly upload files to Breeze as before.

Some of the benefits of using cloud based storage and how can they improve the way you work :
  • You can manage your files from a single location
  • Your attached files are always up to date
  • Every file can live in one place, no more copying

I hope you like the new functionality and that it increases your productivity.