Google single sign on, task copy options

By Breeze Team on Jan 3

We start off the new year with two new features - Google single sign on and task copy options.

Google single sign on

You can now sign up and sign in to Breeze using your Google account. Just head hover to the login page and click the link to authenticate with Google.

You can also log in with Google if you have already signed up using your email and password. For this to work you have to have the same email address in Breeze.

Google Sign Up Google Sign In

The Google single sign on options makes it easier to sign in to Breeze. You don't have to remember another password and worry about the security.

If you ever wish to switch back to password authentication then head over to the password reset page and fill in your email address. We'll send you a secure link where you can set a new password.

Task copy options

We made a small update to the project and task templates. Now you can choose what to copy from the templates. It makes your life easier by not having to delete old data from tasks when you copy them. By default we still copy everything, but you have the options to selected only certain task attributes.

Project template options Task template options

This new feature is also available when you copy swimlanes.