Create new projects and todo lists in mobile apps

By Breeze Team on Dec 5

We are happy to announce more updates to our mobile apps. Now you can create new projects and todo list directly in the mobile apps.

Create new projects

One of the most requested features for the mobile app was the ability to add new projects. Now you can do it. Open the projects tab and tap on the "+" button on the top right corner.

The new project window lets you name the project, invite users and assign it to a workspace.

Create new projects Edit project settings

This means that you can now also edit existing projects. Update the name, invite and remove people, and assign projects to workspaces. To delete or archive a project, just swipe left and tap on "Archive" or "Delete" option.

Create new todo lists

We also added the option to create new todo list. Previously you could only create todos under existing todo list.

To add a new todo list, open the task and tap on the "Todos" menu and the on the "+" button on the top right corner.

Create new todo lists Delete todo lists

To delete todos or todo list just swipe left and tap on the "Delete" action.