Hide task lists, add users to all projects, project names in calendar

By Rene on Nov 28

Here's another list of small updates that we added over the past weeks.

Hide task lists on project board

You can now hide task lists on project boards. This is useful when you have big boards with many lists. After hiding the list it will be collapsed and you can see the list name vertically between the other lists. You can find the hide option under the task list settings.

Hide task list from project board

Add users to all projects

Another new feature is a user permission that lets you add a user to all new projects. Sometimes you might need to add a certain user to all projects - accountants, admins etc. By default we add the account owner to all projects, this hasn't changed with the new permission. You can find the new permission on the team management page.

Add user to all projects permission

Project name in calendars

We also added an option to show project names in calendars.

Show project name in calendar