A place to store your project notes

By Breeze Team on Oct 3

Every projects has some general information or notes that you must store somewhere and share somehow. To help with that we added a new notes section to every project.

The new notes functionality is right in the project header, behind the project name and description. It helps everyone immediately understand what’s important and essential to a project. You can include a long description, files, link to files in the cloud or use it for a simple description. It's the same editor you are used to using in tasks and comments.

How you use the project note is totally up to you. It can be a single place that holds all the vital details of a project, to keep track of goals or even as a small wiki.

Click on the project name or description to open the notes window.

Project extended description

Project goals and objectives often change and evolve, you can update the note at any time to keep it up to date. Project notes are an important part of starting things off right and making sure your team keeps focus on long projects.

We hope this new feature helps you bring more clarity to your project and set better goals.