A better overview of your tasks with the new list mode

By Breeze Team on Sep 19

Breeze is a great project management tool to manage all your projects. You can use the "Tasks" page to keep focus on the most important tasks. It shows you all your tasks across all the projects.

We add a new list view to the "Tasks" page. This works better if you have tasks from different projects and lists. The view is more compact and easier to comprehend.

The tasks are by default sorted by due date. The tasks are divided into 5 groups - overdue tasks, tasks due today, tasks due in one week, tasks due in the future, and tasks without a due date.

Tasks list view due date

You can drag and drop the tasks between the due date blocks. This updates the due date on the task or todo.

You can also sort the tasks by project. Each project has its own section with lists.

Tasks list view due date

You can drag and drop the tasks in the project view. The only limitation is that you can't drag and drop todos. This is because todos belong to tasks and it's not possible to sort them outside the task.

All the filtering options work like before - you can filter by a user who created or is assigned to the task, task status and tags.