Attach files from Microsoft OneDrive

By Rene on Aug 9

We are happy to announce another integration with Breeze. Now you can attach files from Microsoft OneDrive

You can find the link under the attachments, in the same place with the other cloud file options.

Microsoft OneDrive integration

Now Breeze supports all the major cloud sharing platforms - Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. You still have the option to upload files directly from your computer.

Upload from Computer or use cloud providers?

You may wonder what's the difference between uploading a file from your computer or using one of the cloud providers. When you upload a file from your computer then the file is upload to our cloud servers. The maximum file size limit is 5GB. We use Amazon S3 for hosting the files to keep them secure, instantly available and to provide the best experience.

When you use one of the cloud providers then nothing is upload to our servers, we only link to the file. This is good when you have very sensitive files and you need to have extra control over the permissions. Another good thing is that you can edit your file in the cloud provider environment, example Google Docs, and always have the latest version linked to Breeze. There are no file size limits when using cloud services.