Hide time tracking, comment order, swimlanes in mobile and more.

By Breeze Team on Jul 5

We add small features and tweak Breeze all the time based on the feedback we get from our users. To keep you up to date with all the changes and updates, we compiled a list for you. Some of it you may have noticed and some of it might be completely new.

Hide time tracking and estimates

`You can have different kind of projects and all of them might not need time tracking or estimates. Now you can disable and hide time tracking and estimates from projects - this keeps the projects simple and lean. You can find the options under projects settings.

Enable time tracking and estimates

After disabling the features we hide time tracking section and estimate link in the task window.

New comments at the top

If you are one of the people who likes reading new comments first then this is something you'll like. Now you can see new comments at the top. This means less scrolling to see what's happening. You can find the option under your personal settings.

Task comments at the top

This is a per user option and everyone has to enable it for themselves.

Mark and move task lists

We updated the task list dropdown menu and added some new options to it. You'll find 2 new options there: move task list between projects and mark tasks when moved to the list.

Click on the "Move list to ..." link to move the entire task lists to another project

Now you can also set any status to tasks when they are moved to the list. Before you only had the option to mark then as "done". Click on "Mark task in list as" and choose either done, ready, on hold or blocked

Set task status and move task lists

Tablets optimized project board

Tablets have a bigger screen than phones and can fit more information on the screen. We updated the project board to take advantage of that and now you'll see a board layout on bigger devices. It looks just like the web app, fits more task on the screen and gives you a better overview.

iPad project board with swimlanes

Swimlanes in mobile

One of the most requested features for the mobile apps was support for swimlanes. We are happy to announce that now you can see all the task in the swimlanes they are assigned to.

iPhone project board with swimlanes

Add new task lists in mobile

Last but not least you can manage task list on the mobile apps. Add new ones, rename and delete existing one.

Add new task lists

Thanks for the feedback!

Everyone’s feedback has been very helpful. We are keeping track of all the requests, suggestions and ideas - they help us to plan the development.