Better project management with task dependencies

By Breeze Team on May 23

We are happy to announce a new and better way to manage your projects in Breeze. Now you can link tasks to create dependencies between them.

What are task dependencies?

In most projects the tasks are someway linked to each other and the relationships between them sets the work order or the schedule for the project. Dependencies are the relationships between tasks that show what must be done before a given task and what will be done after the task is completed. You can have dependencies between tasks in the same project and between tasks in different projects.

Linking tasks

Task dependencies are not enabled by default, you have to enable under the projects settings.

Enable task dependencies

This will add the "Link" side menu option to the task window. From there you can link to other tasks. Linking tasks creates dependencies between them.

Create task dependencies

To create a dependency type the name of the task, minimum 3 letters, or the task ID. You'll get an autocomplete dropdown that lets you choose the right task.

You can add dependencies to all projects you have access to. Even those which haven't enabled the task dependencies feature. There are two types of task dependencies - dependent and dependee or parent and child. When you create a new link then we create a dependency to that task and it's shown under the "This task depends on". When you create a link from some other task then it'll be created as a dependent and shown under the "Tasks that depend on this task" section.

The dependencies are also linked to Ganttile gantt charts - you can create links from Breeze or Ganttile and they will show up in both apps.

Try it out and let us know what you think.