Add tasks via Slack

By Breeze Team on Mar 21

Leaving your meeting or chat in Slack to add new tasks to Breeze can be painful. Not anymore! Just install the new Slack integration for your team and everyone with a Breeze account can add tasks to Breeze, all from inside Slack. It's super flexible, everyone is linked to the correct Breeze user and can create tasks to any project they have access to.

Follow this link, add to Slack, to get started and install the /breeze command to your team. When you have authorized Breeze then you can start adding tasks. To do that, just type:

/breeze MyProject New task from Slack

You only have to type part of the project name, just enough so that we can match it. You can also use all the same shortcuts as in the web app to assign to a @user, !list and @tag.

Slack application screenshot

To get help on the command type:

/breeze — it will list all the options and extra commands.

You can only create tasks to those Breeze projects that you have access and all the created tasks are correctly linked to your Breeze user.