Add files directly to your tasks and comments

By Breeze Team on Apr 1

We updated the text editor and with that the way you manage and upload your files. It's the next versions of the editor and it has some fancy superpowers. Now you can upload files directly to the task description and comments.

The editor looks similar and has the same editing options but under the hood, it has major improvements.

Task editor, WYSIWYG Froala editor

On the main menu, you'll find a paperclip icon. This lets you upload files directly to your text in task description and comments. You can also drag and drop files to the editor and they'll be uploaded automatically.

Image editor, WYSIWYG Froala editor

Why is it better now?

You can place your files, screenshots or anything you wish directly inside the text and have a sense where something belongs. Files at the bottom of the description miss the context, you have to reference them. No more extra work, drag and drop the files just where you need them.

If you are uploading images then you can resize and make them as big as you need.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here's a handy list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the editor.

Ctrl + b — make text bold
Ctrl + u — underline text
Ctrl + i — make text italic
Ctrl + s — strikethrough text
Ctrl + ] — indent current paragraph
Ctrl + [ — outdent current paragraph
Ctrl + k — insert link
Ctrl + Shift + c — clear formatting of selected text

If you are on a Mac then use ⌘ Cmd instead of Ctrl key. Hope they make your editing faster.

Task files

We also added a new "Files" option to the task window side menu. This lets you upload files directly to the task without opening the task description. Less clicks and it's faster. You can find all the same upload options here - Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. The files are added below the task description, just like before. You can use this upload option if you only need to add files to a task.

Add files to tasks

Don't forget that you can also drag and drop to upload files. It works in the task window and also directly on the task card.

Drag and drop files to cards

Mentioning users and task works just like before. Type @ to mention a user or # to reference a task. Here's the full description how it works