Breeze mobile app for Android

By Breeze Team on Jan 4

We are happy to announce an Android version of our mobile app. It's similar to our iPhone app that we released earlier.

With the new app you can get a quick overview and see what's happening in your projects. Access all your projects. Read and leave feedback. Review and complete todos. Assign tasks and log time. Upload files from photos or directly from camera.

Breeze on Android login Breeze on Android project board Breeze on Android task edit Breeze on Android todos

Breeze mobile has all the things you need when you're on the go.

Get it on Google Play, it's free for all users.

This is just the first version of the app and we have more functionality and enhancements in the pipeline.

Don't forget that we also have the web based mobile app available. You can use it on any device, no apps needed. You can find it at

Let us know what you think and what features would you like to see in the app.