Bookmark and share your calendars

By Breeze Team on Dec 21

We are happy to announce two new features to the Breeze calendar. When you open the Calendars page you'll see a settings link at the top of the screen. It has some magic new features!

Now you can bookmark all your calendars. This means that the filters you have set can be saved. It's a handy way to quickly see different calendars.

Bookmark project calendar

Some ideas for bookmarks - all your tasks, only your projects, tagged tasks etc.

Breeze already had the option to subscribe to calendars from Google Calendar, Outlook etc. Now it's even better - you can filter the calendar feed just like the bookmark. Just set the filters and then click on the "Subscribe to iCal" link under the settings menu.

Subscribe to calendar ICS

Here's a small guide how to import Breeze calendars to Google Calendar

These small features can make you more productive and give you a better overview. Let us know what you think.