Find exactly what you need by using search keywords

By Rene on Oct 22

When you are trying to find a specific discussion, task or todo then it can be difficult because overtime your account has accumulated a lot of data. To help you find exactly what you need we added filters to the search.

By default the search works just like before - it looks for all tasks, including archived. Now you can narrow the search by using keywords.

Search filters

project: search term - search all projects, active and archived

archived: search term - searches only archived projects

active: search term - searches tasks that are not deleted, also includes comments, todos, files from those

You can also search for only specific items:

task: search term

comment:search term

todo: search term

file: search term

tag: search term

The keyword has to at the begging of the search string, example “task: my special task”. This won’t work “my special stuff task:” . Also, you can’t mix the keywords at the moment, example “tasks: archived: search term” .