Don't miss anything with weekly activity reports

By Rene on Sep 13

You’re busy working and reporting is probably low on your list of priorities. At Breeze, we try to get out of your way by providing a fast-loading and friendly tool to get your work done quickly

But wouldn’t it be great if Breeze comes to you instead of you having to go to Breeze?

We are introducing weekly time tracking reports. Punctually every Monday morning we'll send you a weekly activity report email, showing everything you’ve logged for the previous week.

Weekly email notification

The email list all your time entries for the previous week, grouped by project. You can just click on the entry and it opens the task in Breeze. It’s important for your projects that you don’t miss out on tracking time and the weekly reports will help getting you paid for your hard work.

To the admins we’ll send a weekly report of all time logged by everyone in your team for the previous week

You can change your report preferences under your personal settings

Weekly email notification settings

Look for your weekly report in your inbox.